Blazing Trails K9 Academy

With over 32 years experience of hands on experience working with a variety of dogs, we are MORE then qualified to help you with all your dog training, behavior and rehabilitation needs! 

Does YOUR dog: 
  • jump
  • dig    
  • chew 
  • pull on leash
  • act like a maniac when someone comes over
  • behave aggressive towards people or other animals
  • steal
  • act afraid of anything
  • need manners or obedience training?

We can HELP! Our behavior specialists / dog trainers can work with a wide variety of rehabilitation needs!Call us today!

If you could close your eyes and see the perfect dog for you, what would that dog look like? Would he sit politely when a stranger came to your house? Would he chew only on his chew toys? Would she only use one corner of the yard as a toilet? Would she be a competitive level obedience dog? Would he protect your property only on your command? Dig only in a designated area and walk like a gentleman on a leash? Come when called on the FIRST time EVERY time? 

Don't let that dream go to waste! We'll help you reach your goal of the best K9 companion you can get! 

Anybody can hang a shingle and call themselves a dog trainer, dog behavior specialist, rehabilitation specialist, or even a behaviorist (it's been done). But few can offer the level of experience and dedication to dogs we can. Because we've been doing it so long, we've nearly "seen it all". And with our head trainer / specialist as a certified dog trainer with the International Association of K9 Professionals, we've proven ourselves in the industry as well!

So come and experience the Blazing Trails K9 Academy difference Today!

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Please note: we are a family owned and operated dog training business and bedbug detection team. When we are not devoting our full attention to our clients, we are devoting our full attention to our family...Sometimes it is hard to reach us via phone and the fastest most effective way to get a hold of us is via email. If you have left a message for us and we have not replied and it has been 48 BUSINESS hours, please try again as we do occasionally experience technical difficulties. For bedbug detection services, leave us a message and we will get back asap. Day or night we are available for searches.

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Behavior modification, canine rehabilitation, and Private in homes in duchesne utah, Roosevelt utah, uintah basin utah, heber city utah, vernal utah, Our board and train packages are available to clients from anywhere in the United States.