Blazing Trails K9 Academy
Are you wondering if you have a bedbug problem? Return from a recent trip or find new bites? Would you like to prevent a costly infestation? Let our highly trained bedbug detection dog help! 


With bedbugs on the rise, we recommend staying ahead of them utilizing a few approaches. The ideal strategy is to prevent them in the first place. They breed fast and hide well so a couple of bugs can turn into an infestation quickly. You can try various traps But there's still a risk of them spreading and moving to another room. Using a bedbug detection dog   lets us pinpoint where the bugs are hiding quickly and effectively. Where it may take a human inspector hours, a dog can smell in walls and hard to reach places in just a few minutes. 

Our services are discreet, confidential and professional. We do the "show me" method, where the dog tells us where the bugs are but we will look for visual confirmation of bugs. Because we only provide detection services, there is no vested interest for us to find bugs. We are an independent and unbiased search team. Should we find bugs, we can provide names to reputable companies for treatment. 

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We offer bedbug searches throughout the state of Utah.