Blazing Trails K9 Academy
We have moved! We have enjoyed servicing the Antelope Valley and Santa Clarita valleys in CA for nearly 2 decades but we have found a new peaceful home for our family in Duchesne, Utah. 
 We are still in touch with several pet professionals in our old areas and are happy to help you choose the right trainer for your needs so feel free to contact us. We also offer online behavior consulting. 

 Titles earned!
 Nov 2013
Congratulations are in order for Head Trainer Lynne Bell who achieved an FO (family obedience title) and a P1 H (protection 1 with honors) title at our first SDA trial. They also achieved trophies for High in Trial, High FO, High P1, and High in Obedience. Congrats!
   Also congratulations to several of our group students who achieved their FO titles that day as well. While it is nice to earn titles with our own dogs, we are even more proud when a student earns them!

Previous titles
 Congratulations Head Trainer Lynne Bell for earning the BH schutzhund title with her up and coming star dog Phoenix and for earning the SchA title with her older dog Kaos! Also, congratulations to student Ryan for earning BH titles with Remi.
Congratulations Head Trainer Lynne Bell for earning the Intermediate Trick Dog title with Maverick!
Congratulations to our trainers who recently added a new little one to their family!

Upcoming Events
Bark at the Park protection demonstration! We will be performing the protection dog demonstrations at Bark at the Park. This event will be held October 5-6, 2013. We will however only have demos on Oct 5 (Saturday only) shows at 10:15am and 3pm in the bow wow arena. Our booth will be located outside this arena. This event will be located at Lancaster city Park, and is the biggest dog event of the year in Lancaster. Come join the fun and visit us at our booth or watch the show!


Monday nights at 6pm in West Lancaster