Blazing Trails K9 Academy
Now Offering Petsitting and Dog Walking Services! (again!)
We have decided to add pet sitting and dog walking services back into our business! Notice we said "back". At one point we were quite successful as petsitters, but it had to be dropped as our dog training business grew. As our staff has increased, we have decided to once again offer this popular service!
Back in 2000 when opened Blazing Trails K9 Academy (back then it was known as Lynne's Canine Connections), it was a dog training and pet sitting company. At that point we would train most of the day, and pet sit most of the night. After about 5 years of this routine we decided to focus our efforts mostly on training and behavior modification. Since that time, our family has grown and we now feel the time has finally come when we can devote our efforts to both endeavors successfully! With our combined experience we feel we are able to provide you with quality pet care....whether as you're away, or just to give your pet some much needed exercise.

What services can we provide?

-care for a variety of exotic and domestic animals (including horses and other hoof stock, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles etc. We have experience handling a wide range of animals)

-aggressive dogs (If your dog is aggressive, we can help you with our behavior modification services, then come up with a plan to be able to safely provide pet sitting services. Many kennels and pet sitters are uncomfortable with handling these cases, but we specialize in it! Stop avoiding trips or not exercising your dog just because of this! If it can be done safely, we'll help you do it!

- dog walking - does your dog miss out on exercise because you commute? Or have house training problems because you're gone for too long? We'll help you take care of that! Offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute segments.

-house care - we'll make sure your house looks lived in while you're away - bring in the newspaper, turn on and off lights, water plants etc.

-day visit AND overnight services available - We have the ability to offer daily visits and/or overnight services.

BOOK NOW! We expect this service to book us up very quickly as we already have clients in our databases!
Contact us today for more information on this new service!  Email: (email is by far the fastest and easiest way to reach us.     or call 661-450-8DOG (for a faster response leave an email address in your message and we'll email you back!)