Blazing Trails K9 Academy

Discover the Blazing Trails K9 Academy difference today! Check out our various programs below. Or contact us so we can customize a program to meet your needs!

Behavior Modification / Dog Rehabilitation / Behavior Specialist
  If your dog is growling, barking, lunging, snapping or has bitten a person or another animal, this is the program we recommend for you. Also a good program for dogs who are excessively fearful. Let our dog behavior specialist develop a program to help rehabilitate your dog! This program requires a MINIMUM of 2 sessions. The first session (1.5-2 hours) will be geared towards evaluating the situation and helping you come up with a behavior modification plan. The next session (1 hour)  will be a follow up and allow us time to work more on the techniques taught at the first session. Additional sessions may be required and will allow us to help you fully reach your dogs potential. Cost is determined by your location. 

Private In Home Sessions 
This program is geared towards owners that are having behavior problems in their home, or who want the convenience of obedience training their dogs around their schedule. You have the option to purchase single sessions, or packages of sessions at a discounted rate. If you purchase in single sessions the first session is generally 1.5 hours and cost is slightly increased. In packages, all sessions are one hour long. Cost is determined by location. 

In Kennel Training
Have you ever wanted to have your dog obedience trained, but don't want to become a trainer yourself? Then this may be the program for you. Let our experienced professionals do the majority of the work, and then teach you how to handle your newly trained dog. This program is specifically geared towards obedience training. SOME behavior problems can be solved with obedience training, and we will work on some basic problem solving in this program (though it's best to contact us to see if this will help your individual dog). This program comes in two packages. 
       1. Basic Petiquette -  Your dog will learn sit, down, stay (at 30 feet with distractions), come (away from a distraction) walk well on a leash, and basic house manners like waiting at doorways, waiting politely to be fed and to be pet, the meaning of the word "no" and "ok". This program is an ON LEASH program only. We work with the dog both in a home setting as well as in public, and offer owners 3 individual handling sessions (taught at the location of our choosing), 6 weeks enrollment in our group classes, and unlimited phone follow up. This program is 3 weeks long. Call for cost. 
2. Gold package- Increase your dogs skill from the Basic Petiquette course with adding this OFF leash option. Your dog will learn all of the above (with the added ability to perform off leash under distractions), plus a more formal heel, go to place (great for use during mealtimes or when visitors come over) and increased distance and distractions during the stays. We include 6 private handling sessions (at the location of our choosing) and 6 weeks enrollment in our group classes with unlimited phone/email follow up. This program can be done individually for dogs that meet our basic petiquette standard (it is 3 weeks by itself) or in a complete package with our basic petiquette (6 weeks total). 
   During our In Kennel programs the dog stays part of the time in a kennel environment and part of the time in a home environment. We only allow 2-3 dogs at a time into this program to allow us the time to fully concentrate on your dog. There are NO ASSEMBLY line type training facilities where the dog only gets worked for a few minutes a day. In our program your dog is treated like one of our own personal dogs. They receive socialization around other dogs if you wish, as well as practice in a variety of private and public settings. 

Group Classes 
  Truly experience the Blazing Trails K9 Academy difference in our unique group classes! Because we are used to working with clients who have a variety of scheduling needs, we created this unique "drop in style" group class. There are no start dates or end dates, you simply purchase the amount of sessions you want to use to train your dog, and call to let us know you are coming on a night when we're holding class. If life gets in the way and you need to miss a week or two you won't fall behind! This style of class also allows us to teach a variety of students at all levels of dog training (ranging from the first time new dog owner, to the competitive level student). It also allows us to allow greater socialization since there is a chance to have different dogs and owners at class on any given night. 
Standby on group classes. We have recently moved and are looking for a new location!

Puppy Preschool
For all you new puppy owners out there, we'll help you get started on the right paw! This program is geared towards new pet owners with puppies under the age of 5 months. Done as a 2 hour PRIVATE IN HOME session, we will teach you how to fix problems you may be having, and how to AVOID problems that may come up. Many times owners call us with young puppies (under 4 months old) who think their dog has minimal problems, only to find out a month later when that puppy turns into a teenager that it's much harder to raise an adolescent dog then they thought. This program is geared towards helping you avoid common pitfalls, and helping you to have the best possible relationship with your new puppy. Cost determined by location.

Dogs and Kids!
As a family owned and operated company, we also are experienced in living with both young children, and large dogs. As parents of young children ourselves, we have the ability to help you learn how to live with both dogs and kids in the same household safely. Whether you need an evaluation for your dog and some help to prep for a baby, or you need help teaching a dog to behave around a baby, a toddler, or older kids, we can help. And yes, we understand how crazy life can be during this busy time of life and will work with you to find the best possible solutions.

Do you need to go out of town or would you like someone just to come let your dog out during the day while you're at work? Why not have a truly experienced professional look after your dog? We can even add training or maintenance programs to this package. Visit our pet sitting/dog walking page for more information!

Protection Dog Training
We only allow dogs and owners with the correct temperament for this work into this program. If you would like your dog evaluated please contact us. We can teach you and your dog how to handle a variety of personal protection scenarios (including searching your home for strangers to alert you to their presence, protecting you in your car, guarding against a personal attack etc). 

If you don't see a program that fits your situation above, please feel free to contact us anyways at (email is the easiest and fastest way to contact us!) or 661-450-8DOG (8364). Just because you don't see it, doesn't mean we can't do it, and we're very flexible at customizing a program to suit your needs.