Blazing Trails K9 Academy

Group Classes

Our group classes are geared towards all pet owners (new first time pet owners, to competitive level students) who wish to improve their working relationship with their dogs. These classes are set up a bit differently then other classes in the area in that they are done on a "drop in" basis. That means that you purchase a set of sessions (6 sessions for $120.00, or you can purchase a time frame of 6 months (come as often as there is class during that 6 month period) for $340.00) then use those sessions as we hold class. If you miss a class you will not fall behind since all students work at the level they're at. The progress you make with your dog depends on the amount of work you put into the training during the week, but you are free to choose your pace. We teach a wide variety of exercises including sit/stay, down/stay, come, walk well on a leash, and depending on the week we will throw in things like heel, sit in motion, down in motion, stand stay, and various tricks and other manners training. Many of our students have gone on to achieve their AKC Canine Good citizen awards (which we offer on an occasional basis) as well as other titles in different disciplines. ALL of our students should walk away with a better understanding of how to get their dog to listen to them.

Classes meet on Monday nights at 6pm in a large enclosed outdoor dirt field in west lancaster (once you register we will send you further directions etc).

To sign up follow the instructions below:
 1. fill out the form listed below (including choose a date you'd like to start - only on MOndays at 6pm)
  2. if you don't hear back from us soon, with further directions, drop us a line at to confirm your registration.
  3. Below the registration form there is a link to download the liability release. Please print that up and bring it along with the other required items to the first class. If you have trouble uploading this form please contact us so we can send one to you.
  4. On the first night of class bring: a copy of your dogs shot records (including rabies) for our files, soft easily swallowed food treats and/or a favorite toy, a 6 foot nylon or leather leash, and a 20-30 foot long line (not retractable).
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Rules for our classes:
1. shot records and a liability release form must be on file with the instructor prior to beginning classes.
2. While we love children, no children under the age of 10 will be allowed to physically handle the dogs leash in class. They are welcome to attend class provided they remain under the control of the parent at all times. (please do not allow them to play unattended on the training field, or walk up to other handlers and their dogs).
4. Wear sturdy shoes suitable for moving quickly if needed, and preferably with a good tread, we do train on a dirt field.
5. do not approach another dog and handler without permission, we do have dogs in our classes who are fine while under the control of their handler, but may not appreciate a stranger coming up to them unawares.
6. do not allow your dog to approach another handler or dog without permission - again we do allow dogs in our classes who may be under very good control, but who do not prefer other dogs to get into their space and may react to a strange dog coming up on them. Give all dogs a wide berth unless directed otherwise. Watch your dog at all times.
7. if you need to use a cell phone please take your dog and step away from the training area. There is no smoking allowed on the training field (for the comfort of all students and dogs in the class).
8. Our biggest rule: HAVE FUN WITH YOUR DOG! If you grow stressed at any time, feel free to put the dog away for a few minutes and come speak to the instructor. Our goal is to make our group classes as enjoyable and easy as possible.