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Lily - Fila Brasileiro
I am so happy that I found Lynne Bell when I first got my Fila Brasileiro puppy Lily.  Fila’s are a very large and unique breed that can be a lot for many people to handle.  Lynne’s approach to training and obedience is the perfect balance of a gentle hand with firm boundaries.  She tailors techniques to suit each individual dog and handler.  There are many behaviors that Lynne has helped me to correct in Lily that required thinking out of the box and seeing things through the eyes of the animal.

We trained with Lynne until I moved out of the area when Lily was 11 months old.  Lily is currently 3 now and we are back in the Antelope Valley for a few months.  One of the first things I did upon coming into town was email Lynne so that I could attend class for a tune up and work on some higher level training.

People are amazed when they see how well my young 145 pound dog behaves.   I always tell them that she did not come this way; I was fortunate to find a great trainer!
  Mike in Acton
We were gifted with a 5 month Brittany spaniel that was so wild and free spirited we were beside ourselves. Liked her but what a challenge this little 30 pound pup was! We honestly did not think we would ever have a sweet house dog like our Golden Retriever's. Thanks to Lynne, her love of dogs, her patience, her knowledge of the breed and her understanding of Dixie's personality we have an excellent foundation to work with. Dixie is a wonderful dog, sweet, funny and way too smart for her own good! (She gets ice from the door of the refrigerator, things like that) Thanks to Lynne we still have a very spirited dog but one that is a pleasure to be with.
Lynne's careful and thorough explanation of how Dixie's breed work and think, and of Dixie herself has helped tremendously in her training and in our daily interaction.
We had instant results, saw a big difference just after the first two classes! Thank-you Lynne for helping Dixie and us!
-Doug and Jeanette Moore with Dixie

Gunner GSD
My husband and I purchased a beautiful male German Shepherd puppy. We received Gunner at 4 months old and he seemed to be the perfect dog until we had a couple of incidents we perceived as aggression towards other dogs. I was heart broken and ready to send him back to the breeder, I didn’t want a dog that I had to worry about every time I took him out on a walk. My husband found Lynne on the Internet and set up an appointment to come to our house and test his temperament. With Travis and Kaos’s help, Lynne immediately showed us that Gunner was not an aggressive dog at all. Lynn explained why Gunner was acting this way and what we needed to do to help him greet other dogs the proper way. After seeing how great Lynne was with Gunner we enrolled in Lynne’s group class. I was a little anxious to attend the class thinking I would be the only person there with a dog that didn’t behave properly, but Lynne and some of her on going clients quickly made us feel welcomed. This has definitely been a wonderful experience for Gunner and myself. Lynne is extremely insightful to each breed and their different ways of thinking.  Lynne has a calm and patient demeanor about her, which really sets her apart from other trainers. Gunner has shown remarkable progress in his obedience classes and has earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate. Gunner and I have met many human and canine friends in class. Lynne now jokes with me about how I thought Gunner was aggressive. He loves playing, whether it is with children, dogs or adults. If not for Lynne I would not have my wonderful friend and companion Gunner. I would highly recommend Blazing Trails K9 Academy.
 Thanks again Lynne,
Mike, Debbie and Gunner
Stormy Lee
"This is Stormy Lee. She was adopted from the Lancaster shelter and was VERY skittish. When Lynne first met her she would hide behind our legs. She had failed her first CGC test because of her shying away from the evaluator. With Lynne's help and a few sessions with her, she passed her Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, and is becoming more social every day. Lynne works wonders with shy dogs!"  -Raymond and Kathy with Stormy Lee 
"I have a beautiful 2 year old Golden Retriever name Buddy that came to be a nightmare for us.  He would get so excited when he would see people that he would get so obnoxious and jump all over everyone.  Could not take him for walks or to any social places as he would pull so bad and jump all over us that we could not even walk him.

When we contacted Lynne we were looking just to be able to walk him.  As far as him being obnoxious that was just something she would not be able to fix as we thought it was his personality.  I could go on and on as to the many things that we had problems with him.

Lynne took Buddy for just a week and in this only 1 week she did change Buddy so much that I even told her she switched dogs on me.  He is so wonderful and listens to commands now and we are able to control him from jumping on people.  We are able to take him to social places without him being OBNOXIOUS.  Lynne's stern but gentle approach with him was amazing.  We are so grateful to Lynne as she has given us a new beginning with our dog. I now have a closeness with Buddy that I did not have before. it so great!  

Thank you SOOO very much Lynne!" --Vicki Dodson with Buddy in Lancaster, CA
"The experience that my boxer/shepherd mix puppy, Rocky, and I had with Lynne was wonderful! We began in her group classes and also added three private training lessons. My puppy learned great obedience and social skills in the group class. In the private sessions, Lynne really helped me to train Rocky in the areas of need unique to him. While we were reluctant to leave Rocky at a kennel while we travelled, Lynne even puppy sat at our house and Rocky LOVED it! Lynne's availability through email and her helpful hints on her website were also invaluable to us. I would HIGHLY recommend Lynne and Blazing Trails K9 Academy to anyone who has a dog!" --Sharon and Rocky in Valencia, CA

"I was at my wit's end. I had adopted a beautiful 1 year old Siberian Husky from the local shelter. Dakota was a very sweet, loving, friendly boy. Within days he was bullying my 11 year old Siberian, pulling me around the block on our walks, and literally screaming when he saw another dog. He wanted to play, but freaked out when he saw another dog. We knew Husky's like to dig but he completely redecorated the lay of the land in our back yard. We'd call him and he'd just keep running. Getting him to behave was a nightmare and we knew we needed help.

We didn't know anything about looking for trainers, so we began looking through the yellow pages. I called one local trainer who told me that she'd never take on a Siberian Husky, especially one his age. They were un-trainable and good luck to me. I was beginning to worry.

Through a few of the rescue people in southern California we were referred to Lynne. She assured me that our boy wasn't hopeless and was indeed, completely trainable. By the end of the first lesson, he was heeling, sitting, and not pulling my arm out of my socket. We went on to tackle other problem areas; dominating the older dog, staying, going to a specific place and laying down, and the ever popular, going bananas with other dogs. He's turning out to be a wonderful companion with exceptional manners, as well as a joy to take for walks.

Lynne also was tremendously helpful when a new neighbor moved in with two "fence fighters". Thanks to her suggestions, we had them pretty well trained in an afternoon!

I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone getting their dogs trained. We learned as much as Dakota did. I ABSOLUTELY recommend Lynne as someone's who's EXTREMELY knowledgeable and kind to her students. She LOVES dogs!"

Lorie and Kim Leach with Dakota in Palmdale, CA

"Great class! I learned a lot and so did my dog! THANK YOU!"
a satisfied group class student

"The things I enjoyed most about class were the games we played and the things my dog learned! GREAT class! Thanks!"
another satisfied group student


"It was a fun learning experience and well worth the fee. Lynne LOVES dogs and she understands each breeds peculiarities. My dog accomplished more then I thought she ever would!"
L.B. with Isabella the Chihuahua

"I like Lynne's classes as she realizes that each dog is an individual. You aren't bunched together as one, training too softly or too harshly. Training is based on each dogs individual personality.

Lynne at one point told the class: 'Ok next let's work on the extended sit on the long line' upon hearing the word "sit" my dog sat. I thought to myself 'great, I'll just go wait in the truck!' LOL"
owner of 2 german shepherds and a golden retriever



"I like Lynne's classes as she realizes that each dog is an individual. You aren't bunched together as one, training too softly or too harshly. Training is based on each dogs individual personality.

Lynne at one point told the class: 'Ok next let's work on the extended sit on the long line' upon hearing the word "sit" my dog sat. I thought to myself 'great, I'll just go wait in the truck!' LOL"
 owner of 2 german shepherds and a golden retriever

"I like Lynne's classes as she realizes that each dog is an individual. You aren't bunched together as one, training too softly or too harshly. Training is based on each dogs individual personality.

Lynne at one point told the class: 'Ok next let's work on the extended sit on the long line' upon hearing the word "sit" my dog sat. I thought to myself 'great, I'll just go wait in the truck!' LOL"
 owner of 2 german shepherds and a golden retriever


"I like Lynne's classes as she realizes that each dog is an individual. You aren't bunched together as one, training too softly or too harshly. Training is based on each dogs individual personality.

Lynne at one point told the class: 'Ok next let's work on the extended sit on the long line' upon hearing the word "sit" my dog sat. I thought to myself 'great, I'll just go wait in the truck!' LOL"
 owner of 2 german shepherds and a golden retriever

Chloe - German Shepherd
I have been working with Lynne and Blazing Trails K9 Academy for over a year. I had done the training at Petsmart but had Okay results.  I always felt like my German Shepherd needed more.  I started the training with Lynne and it was night and day compared to Petsmart. When I first started with Lynne my GSD was skiddish and had major issues with other dogs.  Lynne's knowledge base is incredible, she has worked with numerous German Shepherds so she was able to explain why my dog was acting the way she acts and how to fix it. She knows when to push the dogs limit and when to back off.  Now after a year we are working on getting a title for my dog and the biggest thing is when I take her for walks in neighborhood nothing bothers her. My 70LB German Shepherd is so calm my 3 yr old daughter can walk her. When I first brought her I would of never thought this would happen. Her classes aren't structured in your typical way, if you miss a class its not a big deal because you work at your own pace.  She is flexible in the training so you if you feel like your dog needs to work on a certain thing she will work on that with you.  Overall Blazing Trails K9 Academy is hands down the best place in the Antelope Valley to take your dog for obedience training. 

Remington was a stray that was found wondering the parking lot at CSUB-AV. Within a few weeks of owning Remy we noticed that he was EXTREMELY leash aggressive towards other dogs.  We tried obedience classes at our local big box pet store, but were not able to fix his aggression issues.  After a private session and attending group classes with Lynne, Remy not only passed his Canine Good Citizen test but also earned his Schutzhund Bh.  

Thanks Lynne!

-Ryan and Tammy Dietrich

Lancaster, Ca

"Lynne's classes are fun and provided a safe environment for Nakota to have positive experiences with other dogs. He has been less reactive to dogs and more responsive to me. Lynne continues to teach me skills so I can be a more confident handler. Nakota has worked with other professionals in the past, however he has come a long way in the last year with Lynne's training technique and strategies. We couldn't have done it without her support!"--Abby with Nakota in Valencia, CA
"When we first started our training with Lynne, our puppy was anxious, aggressive, and quite stubborn. Within a few weeks of training he had mastered basic obedience commands like sit, stay, and come. Within months he was learning to heel without a leash, sit for greeting, and holding long down stays. We now feel comfortable letting him off leash in our home, and at the dog park with strangers. We're confident that with Lynne's help and our consistent efforts, our puppy with grow into a great companion!"  -- Ryan with Charlie in Valencia, CA 
"Lynne has an amazing rapport with animals.

We adopted a four year old German Shepherd with some issues and Lynne immediately zeroed in on what would (and what would not) work to train her. I love that she doesn't have a "one size fits all" approach to what will work with every dog. She adapts her program quickly and easily to each dog's unique situation, and her perceptiveness and insight into my dog's personality really impressed me.

So far we've had two private sessions with Lynne and will attend her group class soon. (I can't wait!)

I highly recommend Lynne for either specific "doggy problems" or general obedience training.

— Melissa in Santa Clarita, CA

after a wonderful socialization group session!
"When we got our Vizsla puppy, Enzo, we knew we were in for a challenge. Not only was he a high-energy puppy but he was also very smart therefore needed to be challenged. We enrolled him in Lynne's Basic Obedience Class at the tender age of 5 months not knowing what to expect. With Lynne's expertise and guidance, we were ecstatic to find that our high-energy pup was growing into quite a respectable and obedient dog. After the completion of the Basic Obedience Class, we remained in touch with Lynn through email to solicit advise when needed. Her availability has been a great support as we continued to train Enzo beyond basic obedience. 

After a couple of years, Enzo went through a major life change... a new "baby" had entered the household. With the birth of our child, Enzo showed his jeaulosy by acting out. Once again, we called Lynn to the rescue. She suggested we bring him back to basic obedience for a refresher course for FREE! We are happy to say that Enzo responded very well to the extra attention and the reinforcement that the training class provided. We even decided to go on and take the Intermediate Class, which was a lot of fun. He was challenged with learning new obedience behaviors but also rewarded with learning some fun skills. He now knows many tricks that he can show off for friends and family and get the attention that he so loves!!

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lynne to anyone who is looking to help shape their dog into a respectful and obedient companion. She has created a great program that allows dogs and owners to have fun while meeting their training goals. Lynne is truly a master at what she does!"

Kinga & Matt Scott with Enzo in Valencia, CA
"I like how laid back the dogs atmosphere was, it made me feel more at ease in trying to teach my dog. The dogs seemed relaxed most of the time too. You do a great service!"
shepherd mix owner in group class


"overall we thought the class was great. We bonded even more with our dog and have learned alot on how to control her bad habits by rewarding with the positive. Thanks for everything!"
group student


Georgie Boy was tied with a heavy industrial chain in an abandoned yard. His "leash" was his abuser's belt tied tightly around his neck. His teeth are chipped from trying to bite his way free, and his ear and eye are scarred from other dogs jumping the fence and attacking him. He was finally rescued; however, with his history plus the fact that he is over 100 pounds he needed a lot of work. He had separation anxiety, fear of men, and instability around other dogs. So, unfortunately, he was adopted and returned three times. Then, Georgie came to our family and we fell in love with him! In addition, since I am a special education teacher, I had the patience and the determination to work through his issues....that is when I found Lynne.
 The day I called Lynne I had just been told that Georgie was the "most aggressive" dog they had ever seen at doggie day care. I was very upset and explained to Lynne that he was not aggressive...just scared. She was the first person who classified Georgie as "reactive" instead of "aggressive", which made me feel better about my supposed "killer" dog. She recommended her dog free play class so Georgie could learn social skills in a structured, mediated setting. On the first day of class, Georgie had his hackles up the whole hour. If any dog got close to him, he would growl, show his teeth, and put his tail between his legs. By week eight, he had two best friends (Johnnie and Kaos) and he was running, rolling on the ground, and integrating with the whole pack. By the end of the year he was the "greeter" welcoming new attendees to the group.
 Now...two years later...this "aggressor" has his canine good citizen award. He is a sweet, social, well mannered dog. I attribute this change in behavior to Lynne, who has helped Georgie learn to cope and respond in the real world in a healthy and acceptable manner.  I am eternally grateful to Lynne and Blazing Trails K9 Academy!
 PS Doggy Daycare: Take a look at us now!
   Kristin Cobb - owner of Georgie Boy (GB) - Santa Clarita, CA
Thanks to Lynne at Blazing Trails K9 Academy I'm convinced I have the best trained and behaved puppy on the planet. Lynne has a wealth of knowledge on all the different training styles and techniques. She is great at matching a technique to each dog and handler. I spent hundreds of dollars on training DVD's and online training tools and wasn't getting anywhere. After one private lesson and two weeks of a group class, my puppy was already listening much better. My puppy is now 8 months old and has outstanding on and off leash obedience in any situation. I never knew it was possible to have this much verbal control over a dog. The best part is, she (my dog) really enjoys the classes and our bond has grown so much closer. Thanks Lynne and Blazing Trails K9 Academy!
-Jeremy- Palmdale, CA
Liliah is a 5 month old Manchester Terrier. I rescued her from Bakersfield shelter at the age of 3 months. After one week home I discovered not only was she so full of energy but she was seriously ill. With the help of the hospital in Tehachapi she is now well and the encouragement from Lynne to hang in there helped tremendously. Upon her return her constant energy was still a problem. I contacted Lynne for any assistance she could give me. Lynne came out st at the house and gave me advice on how to curb some of the problems we had. 1-the other dog is not a chew toy. 2-inside is not a place to rough house. 3- and of course the simple commands and how to do them properly. I was at my wits end and stressed with all the shouting. My last dog was so well behaved  athat this was not what I eas expecting. Lynne was great and very patient with me. She showed me how to get Liliah's attention and how to do the simple commands and reward her for good behavior. Her advice on chewing for the teething was dead on. I invested in a Kong and treats and watched her closely for any signs of behavior problems. I still have a long road ahead of me as she is still a puppy and a terrier, but with the help and patience of Lynne I know I will have the dog I want.
 Jenny - Antelope Valley CA
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