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Meet our professionals

When you need a professional dog trainer, the last thing you want to worry about is the trainer. The industry is unregulated, with a lot of amateurs hanging a shingle and charging the public. Trainers may take a short “class”, buy a trained dog, or claim their experience based on pets they’ve owned.

Lynne Bell

IACP, CDT, Owner, Head Trainer

She has been training dogs professionally since 1985. She is a certified dog trainer througn the International Association of Canine Professionals where she has been a professional member for 15 years. Lynne has trained thousands of dogs in her career, working in a large variety of venues. She has worked with exotic animals (wolves, birds of prey, coati mundi, etc) at Six Flags Magic Mountain where she performed in the former Animals in Action show. Lynne was senior trainer at California K9 Academy and head trainer for Pet Day Spa and k9 Learning center, both positions where she worked around some of the top trainers in the world on a regular basis. At both locations she spent time as a trainer for many celebrities dogs. Lynne also worked for Animal Behavior and Training Associates both as a trainer and as a continuing education and certification rep. This position also allowed her to continuously network with many well known trainers throughout the country, something she thoroughly enjoys in an effort to add more tools and skillsets to her training box. She was also a contributing author for their sister company, (Animal Behavior College) level 1 trainer exam. Lynne has been a trainer of trainers as an Animal Behavior College mentor.

Lynne also worked as a studio animal trainer, training and working on studio sets and live stage shows for commercials, television and movies, where she learned alot of techniques to train accurately, quickly, and under pressure.

Since the year 2000 Lynne has actively competed in dog sports with several German Shepherds. Schutzhund/IPO took her attention for 13 years and she earned multiple titles with a dog she trained personally, including his schutzhund 3 and IPO3 titles with multiple high protection and high in trial wins. She then competed in SDA (now WDA) with the son of her first dog, also earning multiple high in trial, high protection and high obedience wins. She also helped several students earn multiple titles, many with high scores as she served as training director for both Der Hundesport Performance Klub then Desert Winds Working Dog Association. In 2015 she formed her own multisport team and led several more students to the titles they wanted. Lynne has spent some time doing agility and herding, and has handled a therapy dog. She currently has developed a love of detection dogs, spending a year training k9, bomb and drug detection and she currently handles her lab “samantha” as a successful bedbug detection dog.

There are very few trainers with the background and resume to match Lynnes, she loves the industry and truly is masterful at her trade.

When Lynne isnt working dogs ir stepping onto the training field, she is home changing diapers, cleaning her house, and homeschooling her four beautiful children. She has experience handling a family with dogs and all the beautiful distractions that come along with that. Are you a tired mom with a puppy in need of manners? Lynne can empathize! She has even started a blog for moms with dogs! “The Dog Training Mommy” truly fits her.

Travis Bell

Travis joined our team in 2009 when he expressed an interest in become a decoy. After training for nearly a decade under a very experienced mentor, Travis loves his chance to help dogs build confidence in their protection work. He us experienced in building protection dogs in a variety of breeds.

About the Company

Lynne opened Blazing Trails K9 Academy in 2000 in Antelope Valley CA where she served thousands of dogs over a long period. In 2019 we reopened the company after a family move to beautiful Duchesne Utah. We love being a small but experienced company where every dog is treated as our own and there are no assembly line training programs. We customize each program to suit you and your dog!