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Group Classes

With group class locations popping up all over the country, how does someone know which place is best? Will it help? Or maybe you are concerned it will be a hard environment to learn in? We hear the concerns, and are here to help! Group classes CAN be a cost effective way to a more mannerly pet, as long as you work with the dog during the week. It is a social experience for both dog and owner and we have seen lifelong friendships created over the years as people share a common interest….they are all dealing with dog issues and working towards a better companion. We also have experienced students achieving advanced titles JUST by keeping their group class membership until they reached their goals.

Current locations running with ongoing start dates starting monthly.

Roosevelt, Utah
Vernal, Utah
Duchesne, Utah

Come join our Blazing Trails K9 family as we work together to teach you how to train your dog or puppy.

Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome. Puppies must be 4 months of age or older.

We have helped thousands of dogs in our various group classes.

Our basic pet manners classes are geared towards those just wanting basic on leash obedience and problem solving. As we establish more students in our new location we will be adding more advanced work including competitive dog sports so standby if you want to more with your bored dog!

Current Classes

Vernal Utah – Basic obedience and manners

This location the classes have great flexibility. Purchase a set of 6 lessons and you have 10 weeks to complete them! We teach skills according to who is there on a given night so students are always advancing from wherever they are at. Classes are Thursday nights at 6pm.

Vernal Utah advanced dog obedience and dog sports team

Join our team for a monthly fee. We will offer a variety of more to do with your dog. Ranging from Canine Good Citizen titles, treibball, Working Dogs of America obedience and protection titles, and eventually agility. Classes are Thursday nights at 5pm

Vernal Utah Puppy Kindergarten

Start your puppy off on the right paw! Social skills, puppy problem solving, engagement and basic luring all taught in a safe setting. Pups must be 8 to 20 weeks and have 2 sets of parvo shots while remaining current. This is a drop in class. You just have to inform us you are coming 24 hours in advance so we are certain theres a class that night.

Roosevelt Utah basic obedience

This class is waiting for spring and a possible new location but we intend to restart this location again soon.

Duchesne Utah obedience class

We currently are looking for 4 signups to hold our next class. Classes are held at the Duchesne fairgrounds auction barn Tuesday nights at 6pm.

Clinics being offered sporadically

Ask the trainer events, pack walks, potty training, loose leash walking, problem solving, socialization skills and more. Clinics tend to run approximately an hour. Watch our fb page for details and upcoming events!