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See what are furry friends and their owners are saying about us!

We were gifted with a 5 month Brittany spaniel that was so wild and free spirited we were beside ourselves. Liked her but what a challenge this little 30 pound pup was! We honestly did not think we would ever have a sweet house dog like our Golden Retriever’s. Thanks to Lynne, her love of dogs, her patience, her knowledge of the breed and her understanding of Dixie’s personality we have an excellent foundation to work with. Dixie is a wonderful dog, sweet, funny and way too smart for her own good! (She gets ice from the door of the refrigerator, things like that) Thanks to Lynne we still have a very spirited dog but one that is a pleasure to be with.Lynne’s careful and thorough explanation of how Dixie’s breed work and think, and of Dixie herself has helped tremendously in her training and in our daily interaction. We had instant results, saw a big difference just after the first two classes! Thank you Lynne for helping Dixie and us!

Doug and Jeanette MooreDixie, a Brittany Spaniel

My husband and I purchased a beautiful male German Shepherd puppy. We received Gunner at 4 months old and he seemed to be the perfect dog until we had a couple of incidents we perceived as aggression towards other dogs. I was heart broken and ready to send him back to the breeder, I didn’t want a dog that I had to worry about every time I took him out on a walk. My husband found Lynne on the Internet and set up an appointment to come to our house and test his temperament. With Travis and Kaos’s help, Lynne immediately showed us that Gunner was not an aggressive dog at all. Lynn explained why Gunner was acting this way and what we needed to do to help him greet other dogs the proper way. After seeing how great Lynne was with Gunner we enrolled in Lynne’s group class. I was a little anxious to attend the class thinking I would be the only person there with a dog that didn’t behave properly, but Lynne and some of her on going clients quickly made us feel welcomed. This has definitely been a wonderful experience for Gunner and myself. Lynne is extremely insightful to each breed and their different ways of thinking. Lynne has a calm and patient demeanor about her, which really sets her apart from other trainers. Gunner has shown remarkable progress in his obedience classes and has earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate. Gunner and I have met many human and canine friends in class. Lynne now jokes with me about how I thought Gunner was aggressive. He loves playing, whether it is with children, dogs or adults. If not for Lynne I would not have my wonderful friend and companion Gunner. I would highly recommend Blazing Trails K9 Academy.

Mike and DebbieGunner, a German Shepherd

This is Stormy Lee. She was adopted from the Lancaster shelter and was VERY skittish. When Lynne first met her she would hide behind our legs. She had failed her first CGC test because of her shying away from the evaluator. With Lynne’s help and a few sessions with her, she passed her Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors, and is becoming more social every day. Lynne works wonders with shy dogs!

Raymond and KathyStormy Lee

Remington was a stray that was found wondering the parking lot at CSUB-AV. Within a few weeks of owning Remy we noticed that he was EXTREMELY leash aggressive towards other dogs. We tried obedience classes at our local big box pet store, but were not able to fix his aggression issues. After a private session and attending group classes with Lynne, Remy not only passed his Canine Good Citizen test but also earned his Schutzhund Bh.

Ryan and Tammy DietrichRemington

I am so happy that I found Lynne Bell when I first got my Fila Brasileiro puppy Lily. Fila’s are a very large and unique breed that can be a lot for many people to handle. Lynne’s approach to training and obedience is the perfect balance of a gentle hand with firm boundaries. She tailors techniques to suit each individual dog and handler. There are many behaviors that Lynne has helped me to correct in Lily that required thinking out of the box and seeing things through the eyes of the animal.
We trained with Lynne until I moved out of the area when Lily was 11 months old. Lily is currently 3 now and we are back in the Antelope Valley for a few months. One of the first things I did upon coming into town was email Lynne so that I could attend class for a tune up and work on some higher level training.
People are amazed when they see how well my young 145 pound dog behaves. I always tell them that she did not come this way; I was fortunate to find a great trainer!

MikeLily, a Fila Brasileiro